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Highlights of NCSP Accomplishments:


  1. Presented Admiral Eric Broderick, Deputy Administrator of SAMHSA, an award for his leadership as Acting Administrator.

  2. Wrote a joint statement regarding the NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007 (supporting the National Strategy objectives of means restriction, increased public awareness, and protecting people's rights on background checks and databases).

  3. Provided testimony before the FDA on Black Box Warning labels.

  4. Distributed a Press Release and sent a letter to the President of CBS regarding the magic show that displayed a public hanging.

  5. Held a “Day at the Hill” and had meetings with members of Congress.

  6. Wrote a letter in support of the GLS Memorial Act to members of Congress.

  7. Wrote Jim Clemmons a letter of congratulations on his retirement and thanks for his achievements in our field, in particular around attempt survivors and faith communities. 

  8. We communicated with SAMHSA about our concerns regarding the 1-800-SUICIDE number not being answered and asked them to work with their contractor to see that calls would be answered.

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